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Anime Atlantic 2010

Journal Entry: Tue May 25, 2010, 1:03 PM

Hey good news everyone, for those who wanted to buy prints, you may have a chance to get them at AMA 2010.
My friend is going to be at the artist valley, I'll update detailed info later.
I'll not be there though... (was there last year)

info for AMA 2010:
Our Table: Monowa Nandemo
Our website:

Stuff that's going to be available:…
-Prints of some of my works in the gallery
-T-shirts (designs not available at this point)
-Other shit

**pillow casess are not going to be there, sorry guys**


Journal Entry: Thu Apr 1, 2010, 9:46 AM

The DA admins are totally awesome.
Happy April fools XD


As far as my survival goes...
I need to design and make 3 umbrellas and make a 1 min animation and 1 documentation in 10 days.
and some essays and presentations on top of that.
FML i can barely find any time to touch my wacom ;_;
G-major's deadline is also in 10 days and i still have to help out on a lot of designs and illustrations.


BTW the APH pillows are still in stock, and they probably will still be during the summer.
Since I couldnt go to any of the cons during the year, i guess my only option is to sell it via DA. OTZ

APH Pillow Ordering!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 22, 2010, 5:21 PM…


THE stock from China has arrived and FINALLY I'm opening up the ordering slot!
Thank you to everyone who's been waiting for it for this long, I apologize.

PLEASE read the descriptions carefully.


**Pillow Case ONLY**
For easier shipping, you have to purchase your own pillow.

Price: $ 25 USD *Does not include shipping*
Shipping Range: US Nationwide (Recommend, usually around $5) + International to ANY country (usually in the range of $10 - $20 depending on your region)

I personally does not recommend international purchase because the shipping is...hell. However if you're one of the international buyers, you can find several people within your country who want to purchase this pillow case. I can manage to mail all the orders to one destination, and you can find your way to allocate the pillows domestically. I found this way much easier and cheaper. However, it's only a suggestion =)

Size: 40x40cm / 16x16in

Fabric: Satin

# in Stock: 65 LIMITED
*1st come 1st serve; 1 person can purchase multiples*
I'll be counting for the 1st 65 purchases of the pillow, no exceptions.
I'll close the ordering slot once it's filled.

It IS VERY LIMITED and I think these are the only ones that's going be sold internationally.
It's quite hard to get this stock oversea to my place, and I apologize for such small amount.

Paypal ONLY:
You're welcome to make your payment anytime; however, I'll only mail you the pillow after you have paid completely.

Sorry again for only accepting paypal OTZ


Ordering form: (Please note me or e-mail me)
This counts as your official order from me; simply reply this Deviant does not count. Thanks!

Real Name:
DA account:
Full Address:
Phone #:
# of pillows:

If you have any questions, note me or e-mail me ^^


Journal Entry: Thu Sep 10, 2009, 5:38 PM

Commission Statue: CLOSED
Due to an overloaded workload...commissions are closed until futher notice.

Hello everyone, now commissions are officially open! *needs money*

Before you ask for any commissions, please read the following carefully:

*General Rules:
1. All images are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
2. If images are to be used commercially, please note me for furthur agreements.
3. I have the final rights to use commission work into my portfolio and other online galleries (Blog, pixiv, etc), but you have the full credits. If you do not want me to put specific images on public, please note me.
4. I ONLY take half/half payment.
5. All images will be A4 + 300 dpi or smaller, including custom proportions.
6. I ONLY make COLORED commissions.
7. I DO NOT design characters.


*Contact Information:
My paypal & e-mail:
or you may note me on DA.


Here's a list of things i will and will not do, please read through this.

I take:
-Yaoi/Yuri (R15 maximum)

I don't take:
-animals (sorry, I'm bad with animals)
-any kind of R18

Original Character Commission Description:
I will need a detailed description of your image, so please be as detail as possible.
I need:
1. Character's feature + attire (including color)
2. Composition (how do you want your character to be placed in the image? describing the pose would be good)
3. References (please provide as much as possible, if i have to make guesses, i will find reference pictures and double check with you)
4. Extra: Character's personality, background, occupation, or any kind of extra information would be helpful.
5. Style of art (since i do many styles, please specify the style you want)


Fanarts: (i'll only list the ones i take)
*** i do take Yaoi/Yuri couples (R15 max)***
-Alice Academy (or Gakuen Alice)
-Axis Powers Hetalia
-Azumanga Daioh
-Big Windup (or Oofuri)
-Black Cat
-Code Geass
-D. Gray-man
-Darker Than Black
-Death Note
-Denno Coil
-Devil May Cry
-Dogs: Bullets and Carnage
-Dynasty Warriors
-Eden of East
-Fullmetal Alchemist
-Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (or When They Cry)
-Honey & Clover
-Howl's Moving Castle
-Jigoku Shoujo (or Hell Girl)
-Junjo Romantica
-Kara no Kyoukai
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
-Kiniro no Corda (or La Corda Doro)
-Kino no Tabi (or Kino's Journey)
-Lucky Star
-My Neighbor Totoro
-Natsume Yuujin-Chou
-Neon Genesis Evangelion
-Odin Sphere
-Ouran High School Host Club
-Paranoia Agent
-Peacemaker Kurogane
-Persona 4
-Samurai Champloo
-Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
-Shonen Onmyouji
-Soul Eater
-Spirited Away
-Tales of Symphonia
-Tales of Abyss
-Tales of Vesperia
-Tekkon Kinkreet
-Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
-The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (or Toki Kakeru Shoujo)
-The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
-Togainu no Chi
-Tokyo Magntude 8.0
-Trinity Blood
-Twelve Kingdoms
-Umineko no Naku Koro ni
-Zelda Series

Fanart Commission Description:
1. Character's name (if changes in attire, please be specific)
2. Composition/pose
3. References (please provide as much as possible, if i have to make guesses, i will find reference pictures and double check with you)
4. Style of art (since i do many styles, please specify the style you want)


**Half/Half only**
I'll give you a sketch w/ simple coloring before the 1st half.
But I can only give you a smaller thumbnail until the full payment is paid.
*Paypal Service Fee*
You are in charge of the service fee.(usually between $1-$2)

*Single Chara*
-full body & no/simple background - $30
Name of Image

-Waist up & no/simple background - $25
Name of Image Name of Image

-Waist up/full body & background - $40-$55 (depending on complexity)
Name of Image

*Two Charas*
-full body & no/simple background - $55
Name of Image
-Waist up & no/simple background - $45
Name of Image
-Waist up/full body & background - $60-$75 (depending on complexity)
Name of Image

-full body only & background/no background - $15
Name of Image

*Additional characters*
Name of Image
-Each additional character (full body)- +$20
-Each additional character (half body)- +$15
-Each additional chibi (full body)- +$8

-The detailness by standard will look like this:
Name of Image

-Simple abstract (my choice) - FREE
Name of Image Name of Image

You may ask for any style i've done so far in my gallery, no extra charges.



-Time: please give me at least a week to finish your image.  
-I will send you the image in original size by Email. However, I'm not responsible for the printing.
-It's welcome to give me the price when you're ordering commission.
-I only take a certain amount of commissions in a period of time. If I have too much commissions to fill, I will close the commission for a while. The commission statue will be updated on the top of the page.

Thank you very much!

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It's really been a while since i last updated, so i thought maybe i should wipe out the dust around here :)
I'll update my gallery with works from last year since september these days, so yeah..

Thank you everyone for all the supports, thank you QwQ
love you all,

PS: APH is the GOD.
I need to watch the 2nd episode, NOW GODDAMIT TmT.
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Long time no see.

It's been busy like hell.
I actually liked school days better......OTL

Lots of paintings to get done.
Lots of drawings.
Lots of CGs.
Lots of work.
Lots of drama. yeah, drama.

the only good thing about summer is, i get to stay up at night until 4 without my mother knowing, and get up around 12-ish.

i wonder when should i starting organizing my application for college.....


小拉子你Summer School结束了就回8看看吧……我也挺想你的。



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sorry for updating so late >_<bbbbbb


2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle)
Ruiizzle (.....

3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (fav color and fav animal)
black fox

4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first)
Zheru 0.0

5. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: (Your 2nd favorite color, and favorite drink)
White Tea (....yummy

6. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (both parents middle name)

7. YOUR GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one of your pets)
Black...........i got no pets Q_Q
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Tagged by nekokareteiru....serena you made me write.Q.Q....

1. *can't think of anything*
2. *still can't think of anything*
3. *runs to the bathroom*
4. *turns on the music*
5. *brain is still empty*
6. *runs off to get some snacks*
7. *walks around in the living room and tries to concentrate*
8. *failed*

yup that's all.^^ *Serena gets mad and smacks me on the head*

alll right this is the real one:

1. I have multi-personalities, just like everyone else in the world. I act differently depends on the environment. so maybe all of my friends have only seen part of me, or very little. And of course, we all have sides others don't know of.

2. I don't get mad or pissed easily. My friends intentionally tried to piss me off, but...haha..cuz i don't care about many things. However, I can get angry if someone tries to hurt any of my friends in any way. still, i won't hurt anyone.
BUUT, whenever (maybe just once in my entire life) of if i get real mad, staaay away.faaaar away._ _ BTW this only happened to my cousin, and i felt sorry for him. I shouldnt scare him like that.

3. I hate skirts, on me. No offense to skirts. i used to wear skirts when i was little cuz my mom liked to dress me up like a doll. Then i quit wearing them cuz i started think that they are very...troublesome. (shikamaru XD) I might wear them again if i have jeans underneath.(.....)
I like gothic stuff. I wear dark and dull-colored clothes a lot....cuz bright colors look too happy on me|||OTL..dull colors keep me in a calm mood ^^

4. I always wished if i were a boy. i didn't mind being a girl, but i always think that a boy identity would fit better on me. (probably better on Sha-e too XD) maybe that's why i disliked all these girly products.

5. I have long-lasting love for the things i loved. People usually go for new things and stop minding about the old ones they liked, but i've always loved these things. I love a lot of things. Whenever people tell me to list my favorite whatever, i have a hard time thinking. I liked naruto, so i kept on watching it. I liked Bleach, so i kept on following the series. I try not to dislike the things i once liked so that i can still remember them as the things i like. Same concept apply to friends.

6. i want to go to Japan when i'm still young. I want to go to tokyo and osaka and anywhere possible. I want to go there with my friends of course. I wan to try the legenary hot spring and see the cherry blossom fest and hanabi. i wanna go to a japanese anime con and take pics of pretty cosplayer >/////<....and go to a Jrock concert and scream my head off. ........ok i'll think of more crazy things we can do when we get there. for ex, kidnap Ryuichi, right Serena? XD

7. i like to laugh. a lot. for some reason i'm easily entertained, very. Little things and words can make me laugh for a while. I cant help it >_<bbbb....this habit got me into trouble when i was still in elementary school. orn....but it's all good now.

8. finally.........I LOVE sleeping.<3
Sleeping is the most awesome thing in the universe >w<////..i dream lots of things when i'm sleeping. It brightens my day/night =v= i can recall most of my dreams very often,and they were GOOD dreams. i get to meet w-inds. several times in my dreams, and also lots of anime characters 0v0.....i fly a lot in my dreams. a LOT. i loved flying, and seriously it was like real flying 0v0.i concluded that i actually have control over my power and ability in dreams. cuz whenever i'm chased by a monster or got into trouble, i can simply "give" myself some weird magic powers to get out of it.......i wonder if just anyone can do that?


Serena, you really made me wrote a lot.......orn
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...the previous journal wasn't sad...really. Blame on the google translator!!QuQ
aaand i shall write this one in English. <3


Baccano. (Eternal Wine)
OMG this anime is GOD.
It's only 13 eps long, plus 2 eps of extra.
Contains lots of blood and violence, also lots of love.


SAT's in may 3. i want to study my head off for it, but ughhhhhh.......pain.T^T......can't remember all those vocals....
why can;t they just make an easier test for people who have another language as their native language?



CherryBlossom Fest's coming >w<
I'm kinda curious about the cosplay thing......cuz last year's was kinda......bad. orn....I'm sorry....QnQ
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